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The difference between a diesel box, a trim chip and a tailor-made engine software.

5 Aug 2019

A modern diesel engine has advanced control systems that collaborate with the engine to make everything work. A diesel box only manipulates the signals, the purpose of which is to slightly increase the fuel pressure, this is the only thing a diesel box does. It does so without informing the other control systems in the car.
A diesel box deceives the car's control system, as a result of other values being incorrect. For example, the onboard computer shows the wrong fuel consumption, the ESP and the automatic gear box get incorrect values for torque, torque reduction when changing for durability, cleaning (regeneration) of particulate filters do not work as intended.
Exhaust temperature and calculation of service interval and diagnostic system.
Diesel boxes tested by Swedish STT Emtec emission & engine technology laboratory have shown a power increase of about 1/3 of the promised power increase.

Power Chip
An updated software that replaces the car's original is installed in the car's engine control system - ECU. The software has a predetermined power increase regardless of the engine or transmission condition and wear, mileage and area of use.

Custom engine optimization
Just as it sounds, an individually tailored engine software that takes into account, for example, mileage, turbo and other engine components, and the car's useage pattern.

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