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General about engine optimization

TuningChip technicians says:

A modern diesel engine has advanced control systems that collaborate with the engine to make everything work. A diesel box only manipulates the signals, the purpose of which is to slightly increase the fuel pressure, this is the only thing a diesel box does. It does so without informing the other control systems in the car.
A diesel box deceives the car's control system, as a result of other values being incorrect. For example, the onboard computer shows the wrong fuel consumption, the ESP and the automatic gear box get incorrect values for torque, torque reduction when changing for durability, cleaning (regeneration) of particulate filters do not work as intended.
Exhaust temperature and calculation of service interval and diagnostic system.
Diesel boxes tested by Swedish STT Emtec emission & engine technology laboratory have shown a power increase of about 1/3 of the promised power increase.

Power Chip
An updated software that replaces the car's original is installed in the car's engine control system - ECU. The software has a predetermined power increase regardless of the engine or transmission condition and wear, mileage and area of use.

Custom engine optimization
Just as it sounds, an individually tailored engine software that takes into account, for example, mileage, turbo and other engine components, and the car's useage pattern.

See the Dieselbox test results here

Engine optimization involves increasing engine power and torque, but at the same time reducing fuel consumption and emissions of substances harmful to the environment.
All prices always include driving tests, load pressure control, diagnostic control and functional control. The new software means parameters modified for fuel, fill level, injection time, ignition, load pressure, torque limiter, smoke limiter, speed limiter.

Turbo has an efficiency of approximately 70%, 30% is increased heat, heat is created by turbo friction.
If the turbo pressure is to be increased, it should be taken into account that the constant turbo speed provides a higher load pressure at low engine revolutions and low overhead. Therefore, it is natural to drop the load pressure with the engine speed for constant efficiency.

The intercooler is a heat exchanger. The intercooler has an efficiency of approximately 70%, that is, 70% of the temperature rise caused by the turbo is eliminated.
The increase in power increases the temperature, the intercooler cannot cool to the same extent as normal load pressure, so the efficiency of the charge air cooler drops.

Diffusers - diesel injectors - adds fuel to the engine. At 6,000 rpm, the diffusers have 2/100 seconds to add the correct amount of fuel.
Increased diffusers capacity results increasing fuel pressure. 20% more fuel pressure provides 10% more fuel.

The software provides driving capacity and power that the engine achieves without the manufacturer's commitments. During normal driving, fuel consumption is reduced, but the power and torque increase. In a turbocharged gasoline engine, it normally increases 30-75 hp and 20-40% more torque. A turbo diesel engine typically increases 25-50 hp and 25% higher torque.
In turbocharged engines, a 10% reduction in consumption is normal.
In engines without turbo, 10% more power and 10% more torque increase, usually a consumption reduced by approximately 5%.         

FAQ Engine optimization

TuningChip technicians says:

We get cars that come directly from the factory and sometimes we find errors that may not be noticed within the warranty period. We always do a thorough test of all cars, since small errors can become big errors in an increase in power. The fact that the car is new does not guarantee that it has no deficiencies. What is positive for you as a car owner is that you can claim the dealer and fix it within the warranty time.

In all likelihood, an ignition coil has been broken, a relatively common failure of VAG cars, can be solved with warranty measures. Defective air flow meter if it is one of the Bosch brands. Be careful when using sports air filters where oil is to be applied, avoid oil completely, only apply to newer cars.

All cars are tested before and after and the error codes are verified with a free diagnostic check that normally costs € 150, also the function of the air flow meter. In turbochargers we check the load pressure. A high or low load pressure means something wrong and must be corrected before optimizing the car. We look for common mistakes in each car model. You, as a customer with us, get all the possible and necessary services to have a car without problems.

The software is designed to give more effect on overtaking, acceleration, etc. The car also becomes more efficient with partial load (road driving). You can simply say: without fuel, there is no effect. Therefore, your car will earn more when you use MORE power than you had before and less when you drive normally. Normally, 10% is a reduced consumption for turbo engines and 5% for engines without turbo in driving type: urban traffic.

We set ignition curves in a more favorable position for more power and lower consumption with a higher octane content - more ignition gives more power, torque and lower fuel consumption. In simple terms, it can be said that greater power is maintained for a longer period of time, since the engine does not automatically adjust the ignition due to a lower octane quality through its knock sensor. This also applies to the original engines.

Many manufacturers use the same engine in different cars with different hp options. It may be the same engine sold in a 140 hp and 170 hp version, only the engine control software differs. Another reason is that they release a version with 150 hp Next year comes a new model with 180 hp. The difference is just the software. Cost effective to say the least for the car manufacturer. Cars are also manufactured in very large editions and should work in all countries, in low octane numbers at high temperature and high altitude, this means that programs must have a large room for maneuver that will reduce energy production.

In accordance with the approval of the EU Vehicle, you are not even allowed to change wheel bults or make any changes at all. We provide a lifetime warranty on the software, assembly, and similar parts we use and, obviously, we support in case there is a problem.

We also bill companies, either the leasing company or directly. When you return or replace your car we help you restore it to the original version if you wish, for 299€.

We are fully insured so that you as a customer can feel safe. Of course, we are very careful with your car.

It all depends on who is buing it. Some prefer that the car engine is already optimized while others want their car completely original. We help restore it to the original version.

No, it can't. An optimization of the engine and software does not get worse over time, changing or getting older. It is static.

No. An engine optimization works well with the original car configuration having been developed for it. A sports exhaust system grants greater power only when the original system is too narrow and it is mainly at higher revolutions when more exhaust gases have to be emitted. Sports filters are only recommended for cars without the new Bosch flowmeters - which are of inferior quality - and have the ability to start giving incorrect values or stop working completely when installing sports filters. This is because most sports air filters release a small amount of oil that gets stuck in the air mass meter sensor and forms a coating that destroys its function.

Our gearbox optimization provides greater engine power, more torque and better performance. It also provides greater reliability, faster shift times and changed shift points, etc.

Brands we work with, Alfa-Romeo, Alpina, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrylser, Citroen, Daewoo, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land-Rover, Maserati, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Pontiac, Porsche, Renault, Rolls Royce, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen & Volvo.